Tiller Feeds transaction update wonky after changing columns

I’m new to Tiller & working on getting a Google spreadsheet set up with Tiller Feeds. The initial setup of the add-on and daily updates of the vanilla sheets went very smoothly. Emboldened, I added a few columns to the Transactions sheet (Category Hint, Note, and a custom checkbox column) and rearranged a few columns to make the data I want easier to see. Since those changes, my transactions & balance history have updated only sporadically and some of the transactions that do populate are missing most of their data (e.g. they are just a date & description).

My daily emails & a newly-connected spreadsheet have all the information correct so I’m fairly certain all the backend bits are working right. I assume my futzing with the columns has confused the update process, but is there any way to know which of my changes are the culprits?

A few things come to mind:

(1) Ask the Tiller Help Desk to look at your Sheet to see what you did. It might be an easy fix for them.

(2) I believe Google Drive allows you to see previous versions of your Sheet. You might consider retrieving a version prior to your revisions. Depending upon the time that has elapsed, I am thinking you might lose some of your transactions. I am not sure how this will play out so proceed with caution.

Thanks for the response, Blake. I’ll get it touch with the help desk & see if they have any ideas. Re: losing data, I’m just starting off so not much data to lose yet. :slight_smile:

Hi @mikeburr,

Can you double check that the original headers are intact in row 1?

The Tiller Money Feeds add-on can only feed columns that have appropriately labeled headers. If one were to go missing or edits/misspelled it would only feed data into the columns it can recognize.

You can read more about editing the Transactions sheet and the standard columns here:

Thanks for the response, Heather. I read through the doc you linked before I started my changes.

I don’t think I’ve changed any of the headers (certainly not on purpose), but here’s a copy/paste of row 1 of my Transactions sheet:

Reviewed, Date, Description, Category, Category Hint, Amount, Account, Note, Check Number, Account, Institution, Month, Week, Transaction ID, Full Description, Date Added

The “Reviewed” column is my own column; the others were all meant to be standard Tiller columns. I did botch the formatting of cells a few times and likely changed the formatting on the header cells in the process of fixing things up. Could that have had any impact?

I had auto-update disabled for this gsheet, but my attempt to manually update the data this morning has been running for ~1h now. According to my daily email there should have only been 10-ish new transactions so I’m guessing there was an error somewhere in the process?

Hi @mikeburr,

This is odd to me. I don’t think the formatting would have messed anything up. Most of the columns are just plain text with the exception of the Date and Amount columns. Maybe double check that and reset others to plain text.

It could certainly be getting hung up on something that we’re not aware of. I’ll try to reproduce in a test sheet.

I’d also try double checking that you can get the data for all those same accounts loaded into a blank Google Sheet with the Tiller Money Feeds add-on and see the vanilla columns installed with the add-on in the Transactions sheet. You could try then pasting those headers into your other sheets and see if that helps.


I just tried with your same column set and only a single account and had no issues loading 1,524 new transactions and 2,928 new balances.

I’m wondering if it’s a timeout issue with the volume of data you’re trying to load. Perhaps try with one or two accounts at a time and I’ll see if there is anything we can dig into further with why it might be getting hung up on our side.

I created a new default spreadsheet earlier this week and it seems to be updating correctly. Volume-wise I’ve got it pulling data from 22 accounts but typically <10 transactions total on any given day.

I’ve copied the headers from my new spreadsheet into the one that’s having problems & will let it run for a few days to see if it has issues. I’ll also start adding columns one at a time to the new spreadsheet and will keep an eye on it to see if there’s a particular column that causes problems.

Thanks for your help!

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I’ve given up on the broken spreadsheet. I’ve now replicated most of the config I had in the new spreadsheet & everything is still working (fingers crossed). Still no idea what I did to mess up the old one, but hopefully I don’t repeat it.

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