How to add columns with formulas to the transactions sheet?

Been using Tiller for about 2 years now, and i love it! Have chosen to do my own dashboard, because i wanted to learn more about my finances and I like doing things on my own. With that being said, i just created my own dashboard in Google Data Studio which is awesome, but what I did to accomplish this and make it easier is added 3 columns in the transaction sheet with formulas to help. However, as I suspected when new transactions come in they just create new rows. How do I do it such that the formulas actually stay there?

BTW i am using arrayformula to populate the entire column so really just need those formulas to stay in the last columns to the far right of the sheet at row 2.

I am thinking now that I could just try to use a google apps script to add the formulas whenever the sheet is updated, but i am wondering if there is a way to have Tiller just ignore these columns or something.

Did some independent research and found another post that pointed to this article, so I’m guessing that new rows only happen after the header row so then if I place my array formula at the header and have an IF statement to insert the title then i’m all good!

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Yes that’s correct. Also, when transactions are pulled into the spreadsheet they are added at the bottom and then sorted by date at the top.