Adding New Columns On The Transaction Tab Automatically

Hi all, I was wondering if someone knew the workaround add-in certain columns to the transactions tab automatically. Currently, I am manually adding columns O and R with a Vlookup that I have to drag up every time new data is added in. This tells me what type of category it is and then goes down to another sub-level that I then use for data manipulation later.

I think I’m just going blank because I know that this can be done automatically but not sure how.

Can anyone help?

(I would embed an image for but some reason it isn’t allowing me to)

@shelbygrosch - you have to place an array formula in row 1 of the column. I think this link will help you out.


dnlhflnd is correct. The formula I have is:

D is where my category is, and then on the Categories sheet, A and B is my Category and Group fields.


Thanks for the help. I found a way that worked and that article was great.

Thanks for the help. I’m weary of using arrays from blowing up a couple of laptops using them in Excel but this worked great.

Thanks for providing a great solution, @yossiea!