Getting a formula to apply to newly imported transactions

In my Google Sheets Transactions sheet, I have added several columns to display date information in different formats. e.g. Month name, Year & Quarter, Year & Week, etc.

All of these columns reference the same date in the Transactions sheet created by Tiller.

When new transactions are imported and inserted to the top of the Transactions table, the formulas described above don’t update. I have to manually update them.

Is there a way to configure these columns so that the formulas update automatically when new transactions are imported?


An Array formula in the column title seems to be the solution. I used this formula in the column calculating the Quarter / Year based on the Date (Col B) in my Transactions sheet.

=ARRAYFORMULA(IF(ROW(B:B)=1, “Qtr/Year”, IF(B:B<>“”, YEAR(B:B) & " Q" & CEILING(MONTH(B:B)/3), “”)))

This formula is in the row containing my column titles (P1 in my case). It labels the column as Qtr/Year. Then, it looks at the Date in column B and formats the data like this: “2023 Q4”.

This should update automatically when new transactions are imported into the Transactions sheet.