New transactions imported the bottom of transactions tab

All new transactions are being imported to the bottom of my transactions page and the date is placed in column R. I have to move the date from R to B and then sort the sheet Z-A to get them to the top. Any ideas?

Yikes, that’s no good. I’d go back to a previous version from just before it started doing that, and then try again.

I ran into this after adding the array formula to add the year into my transactions sheet, if you’ve done that, then you’ll need to append it with “year” to title the Array something else, otherwise my array looked at date column and used date as the header. This made 2 date columns and confused the importer on my next import with similar behavior

If it’s not that then I’m not sure either but a reverted version would be a possibility of fixing like Joseph said.


@bentyre1 Nailed it… Thanks that was it. I had to update the formula in column R to the following to get it to work. ={“Year”; ARRAYFORMULA(IF(B2:B=“”,RIGHT(B2:B,4)))}.


If that doesn’t help, or if others see this and the marked solution doesn’t apply, double check the Setting section in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on and make sure the Auto Sort Override is toggled OFF