Transactions importing but other sheets not updating after a certain date

New to Tiller. Transactions have been importing fine and all seemed to be working correctly. However, none of my sheets seem to be updating after 4/7/2024. All the previous transactions seem to be accounted for to that point. I have at least 20 transactions from that date to today (4/11/2024) that are not being updated in my other sheets. The month/year are correct in each of the sheets. The only change I made to the sheets was adding the Savings Budget Sheet. It added a new row for Tracking to the Categories sheet.

Basic question (and please don’t take offense at how basic it is–this has been an issue with others): have you both refreshed your accounts and filled your sheets? People sometimes refresh their accounts, but omit the fill step. Or they fill their sheets, but don’t ensure that all accounts have refreshed (if any accounts have MFA, they may need manual intervention to refresh). New transactions won’t appear unless you both refresh and fill.

Thank you for your quick response. I tested all of my category items and narrowed it down to two of the items in my categories. It seems it wasn’t a date issue. For some reason, I added the number “1” after each item and they appeared in all my spreadsheets. I took the number off and the item disappeared again. If you have any idea why this happened, then I’d like to know so I do not use a name that will give such a result. The names were for my car payments (no-show “CarMax Honda” was changed to “CarMax Honda 1” and it appeared).

Sorry, I’m a bit confused on what exactly the issue is. I thought at first that it was that your transactions weren’t showing on your transactions sheet. Is the actual issue that you were categorizing transactions, but the categorized transactions weren’t showing up on other sheets, like the monthly budget sheet? Happy to try to help. Just unclear on what problem we’re fixing.

Sorry for the confusion. I am new to spreadsheets. The second issue:

“Is the actual issue that you were categorizing transactions, but the categorized transactions weren’t showing up on other sheets, like the monthly budget sheet?”

It turns out it was only two of the categories that were not showing. For some reason changing the name fixed the problem. Not sure why.

Can you please confirm that every Category has a Group and a Type? Every Category must be assigned a Group and a Type. Your Groups can be custom, but our templates only support the Types: Income, Expense, and Transfer. Any other Type can break the templates.

I have only used those types.

Try copy/pasting the following Data Checker Tool to check for common data issues:

=LET(lastRow, "", alertsOn, TRUE, alertsStrict, TRUE, alertsHide, "name1;name2", tool, "Data Checker", v,"1.0", header, tool,
cCats, INDIRECT(LET(ltr,CHAR(64+XMATCH("Category",INDIRECT("Categories!A1:Z1"))),"Categories!"&ltr&"2:"&ltr)),
cGroups, INDIRECT(LET(ltr,CHAR(64+XMATCH("Group",INDIRECT("Categories!A1:Z1"))),"Categories!"&ltr&"2:"&ltr)),
cTypes, INDIRECT(LET(ltr,CHAR(64+XMATCH("Type",INDIRECT("Categories!A1:Z1"))),"Categories!"&ltr&"2:"&ltr)),
tCats, INDIRECT(LET(ltr,CHAR(64+XMATCH("Category",INDIRECT("Transactions!B1:Z1"))+1),"Transactions!"&ltr&"2:"&ltr&lastRow)),
tDates, INDIRECT(LET(ltr,CHAR(64+XMATCH("Date",INDIRECT("Transactions!B1:Z1"))+1),"Transactions!"&ltr&"2:"&ltr&lastRow)),
acctInsts, INDIRECT(LET(ltr,CHAR(64+XMATCH("Institution",INDIRECT("'Accounts'!F1:Z1"))+5),"Accounts!"&ltr&"2:"&ltr)),
acctIds, INDIRECT(LET(ltr,CHAR(64+XMATCH("Account Id",INDIRECT("'Accounts'!F1:Z1"))+5),"Accounts!"&ltr&"2:"&ltr)),
acctHides, INDIRECT(LET(ltr,CHAR(64+XMATCH("Hide",INDIRECT("'Accounts'!F1:Z1"))+5),"Accounts!$"&ltr&"2:"&ltr)),
acctClass, INDIRECT(LET(ltr,CHAR(64+XMATCH("Class",INDIRECT("'Accounts'!F1:Z1"))+5),"Accounts!"&ltr&"2:"&ltr&"300")),
acctGroups, INDIRECT(LET(ltr,CHAR(64+XMATCH("Group",INDIRECT("'Accounts'!F1:Z1"))+5),"Accounts!"&ltr&"2:"&ltr&"300")),
badCatCats, IFERROR(SORT(UNIQUE(FILTER(IF(cCats<>"",cCats,IF((cGroups<>"")+(cTypes<>""),"<blank>","")),(COUNTIF(cCats,cCats)>1)+(COUNTIF(cTypes,cCats)>1)*(cTypes<>"Transfer")+((cCats="")*((cGroups<>"")+(cTypes<>"")))))),""),
badCatCatsCnt, SUM(--(badCatCats<>"")),
badGroups, IFERROR(SORT(UNIQUE(FILTER(IF((cGroups = "") * (cCats <> ""), "<blank>", IF(cGroups=cCats, cGroups, "")), (cGroups = cCats) + (cGroups = "")))),""),
badGroupsCnt, SUM(--(badGroups<>"")),
badTypes, IFERROR(SORT(UNIQUE(FILTER(IF(cTypes<>"",cTypes,"<blank>"),(cCats<>"")*(NOT(EXACT(cTypes,"Income")))*(NOT(EXACT(cTypes,"Expense")))*(NOT(EXACT(cTypes,"Transfer")))))),""),
badTypesCnt, SUM(--(badTypes<>"")),
uncatsCnt, COUNTBLANK(tCats),
badCatsCnt, COUNTA(IFNA(FILTER(tCats,ARRAYFORMULA(NOT(REGEXMATCH(tCats,"^"&TEXTJOIN("$|^",TRUE,cCats)&"$"))),tCats<>""))),
badDatesCnt, ARRAYFORMULA(SUM(IF(ISERROR(DATEVALUE(TEXT(tDates, "mm/dd/yyyy"))), 1, IF(tDates = "", 1, 0)))),
badAcctGrps, IFERROR(UNIQUE(FILTER(acctGroups, (acctGroups<>"") * (COUNTIFS(acctClass, "<>"&acctClass, acctGroups, acctGroups)+(acctGroups="") * (COUNTIF(acctClass, "<>"&acctClass)+COUNTIF(acctGroups, "")>1)) )),""),
badAcctGrpsCnt, SUM(--(badAcctGrps<>"")),
alertsUrl, "",
toolUrl, "",
alertsResults,IF(alertsOn, LET(institutions1,IMPORTRANGE(alertsUrl,"Dashboard!A5:A"),alertDescs,IMPORTRANGE(alertsUrl,"Dashboard!H5:H"),
       institutions,IF(alertsStrict, institutions1, IFERROR(FILTER(institutions1,alertDescs<>"Site Temporarily Unavailable"),"")),
       BYROW(SORT(UNIQUE( FILTER(acctInsts,NOT(ISNUMBER(FIND("manual:",acctIds))),acctHides<>"Hide",acctInsts<>"") )),
             REGEXREPLACE(TEXTJOIN(";", TRUE, IFNA(FILTER(institutions,SEARCH(institution,institutions)))),"\s*\([0-9]+\)","")
alertsFlat, IFERROR(TRANSPOSE(SPLIT(TEXTJOIN(";", TRUE, alertsResults), ";")),),
alerts, SORT(UNIQUE(IFNA(FILTER(alertsFlat,LEN(alertsFlat)>0,NOT(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(alertsFlat,alertsHide))))))),
alertsCnt, COUNTA(alerts),
IF(badCatCatsCnt > 0, {HYPERLINK(toolUrl,"Bad Cat Cats");badCatCats},
IF(badGroupsCnt > 0, {HYPERLINK(toolUrl,"Bad Groups");badGroups},
IF(badTypesCnt > 0, {HYPERLINK(toolUrl,"Bad Types");badTypes},
IF(uncatsCnt > 0, uncatsCnt, 
IF(badCatsCnt > 0, {HYPERLINK(toolUrl,"Bad Cats");SORT(UNIQUE(IFNA(FILTER(tCats,ARRAYFORMULA(NOT(REGEXMATCH(tCats,"^"&TEXTJOIN("$|^",TRUE,cCats)&"$"))),tCats<>""))))},
IF(badDatesCnt > 0, {HYPERLINK(toolUrl,"Bad Dates");SORT(UNIQUE(FILTER(IF(tDates="", "<blank>", tDates), ISERROR(DATEVALUE(TEXT(tDates, "mm/dd/yyyy"))) + (tDates = ""))))},
IF(badAcctGrpsCnt > 0, {HYPERLINK(toolUrl,"Bad Act Groups");badAcctGrps},
IF(alertsCnt > 0, {HYPERLINK(alertsUrl,"Alerts");alerts},