Transactions Staying at Bottom of Sheet - Troubleshooting Help Needed

Hi, I searched by the keyword “transactions” to see if there were any older topics on an issue I am having.

Transactions are being added to the “Transactions” sheet by Tiller Feed. However, they are being added to the bottom of the sheet and not being moved to the top of the sheet in Descending Date order.

Here is a snippet where current transactions were added overnight as I have “AutoFill” turned on/active. “Auto Sort Override” is not turned on/active.

I am also not sure why the Date was not added.

When I scroll to the other side of the Transactions sheet (far right), I see this:

Also not certain why the date formatting is different that what was added prior. Other dates show as 2/8/22, while these new ones show as 2/22/2022 (four digit year).

Any advice, tips, or troubleshooting to get the Transactions to enter and go to the top again is appreciated.


Did you change the spreadsheet locale settings under File menu in your Google Sheet to something other than United States?

Hi @heather, Settings are as they always have been.

I’m experiencing the same problem. At first I thought it was because I removed column A, but I put it back and I’m still getting the issue.

Oh I re-read this and I think you might need to just retype the word “Date” in row 1 for the date column.

I’d recommend restoring to a previous version (From File Menu > Version History) before this last fill that didn’t pull in the date data.

Something is off with your date header. The add-on doesn’t recognize that it’s there so it’s not filling in the dates and then it can’t sort the data appropriately because it doesn’t have the date to sort on.

Sometimes if there is a trailing or leading space in the words in the header that can cause issues.

Just clear the “Date” cell and then re-type the word Date.

Let me know how that goes.

I’m seeing two blank rows there as well. The blank rows would divide your sheet into two lists, so the new transactions would probably go to the top of the lower list. Remove the blank rows and it should return to a single list and sort properly.

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@jpfieber I removed the blank rows and it appears that it is now working properly. Thank you! I will monitor for the next few days but the transactions that were imported today went right to the top of the list. Thanks again for the suggestion as it worked.

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The Date fixed you mentioned worked for me.

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and now it happened again.

I’m having the transaction location issue. I don’t have two blank rows. Just ran the update (3/5) and all newly added transactions are added on the bottom.

Worked normally, as of 3/1. Any advice? Is it safe to just sort these manually to the top? I’d love to see it work as expected again.

I am having the same issue that manually entered transactions are not getting sorted by date after I refill.

Is this what other people are experiencing>

This is with the Excel version, not sheets.