Transaction Glitch in Excel Today (6/22/21)

When I pulled in my transactions this morning they were missing the date and, as a result, they did not populate in the correct columns. I don’t know if this is a system glitch or something else.

Anyone else have this issue?

Yes, I am having the same issue. Pretty frustrating. I am not a complainer and understand technology breaks but given how critical this sheet is for me and I am paying for the product I am very disappointed.

I always had my date located in column “B”. I am not sure why that would stop working.

My guess is that they made a change to the code and it messed things up. If that is the case then this is the 2nd time in a couple months that code changes were not properly tested before being made live. Hopefully someone is monitoring the situation and trying to figure it out.


For what it’s worth, I’ve been importing transactions throughout the day and haven’t had an issue, so it’s not an across the board issue, could be related to certain institutions maybe?

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I also didn’t see any issues today. Sorry you are having issues.

Hey @dminches @dudeguyman , any chance you are on the Excel product?

Yes, I am using Excel. I mistakenly left that out of my first post.

It was confirmed that they changed the template last night which likely caused the issue I am having.

Yeah, I haven’t been able to reproduce that specific issue unfortunately. Ironically the changes we’re making to the Excel product right now are intended to improve stability. I’m hoping your problem is resolved by some of the patches going out today/tomorrow.

I have been spending a lot of time rewriting tons of formulas in the tiller helper and tiller balances worksheets to eliminate all the INDIRECT function calls. It really makes things faster. I do hope the Tiller team does its own work on the Excel template. It needs work and hasn’t been changed in a couple years.

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Yes - excel.

Thanks for the information. Please let us know when the changes go out, and I’ll give it a try again.

I’ve pushed out some changes late yesterday. I can’t make any promises as I’ve been unable to repo the original complaint so it’s hard to know if it’s been fixed. We are continuing to make some changes (improvements, we hope!) this week so if the problem persists we’ll still be looking for it.

I pulled in new transactions and the issue has not been resolved. There are still no dates associated with the transactions and the other transactions are not sorting chronologically which it did before.

I really hope this gets fixed quickly since it is making updating very difficult.

Now I am getting 6 blank transaction rows at the top when I click on fill.

There is still an issue with the excel sheet…


When I sync the descriptions are loading in the date column, and everything is off by one.

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This is the same issue I am having. No dates are being pulled in which is messing everything else up.

Thanks, still digging in to this. The screenshots help, thanks. I hope we’ll get to the bottom of it soon.

Thanks for your attention to this.

Any chance you can roll back the code to before the changes were made so we can use this without the errors?

Fair question - normally we would have by now, yes, but in this situation I’ve been relying on some logging in the new code to help figure the issue out. The good news is I was just able to reproduce it for the first time, so if I can’t come up with a super-quick fix then I’ll look at rolling back.

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Excellent! Anything you want to share about what you found “under the hood” would be interesting to hear.

Yeah, I was going to confirm it first (working on that now) but at the moment it appears to be related to the Tiller logo icon in Column A. I can’t quite yet explain WHY, the code has always taken that into account and I don’t believe we’ve changed anything there, but at least that’s the only difference between the repro case and all my other tests.

If this ends up being the case, it does expose that none of my previous test cases required a sheet with a logo header. Either way, that’ll definitely be incorporated into future testing.