First row/transaction keeps disappearing!

This has happened at least 3 times in the last few days.
The first row/transaction in a given account disappears.
I suspect Fill or AutoCat is either deleting it or overwriting it.
Any experience with this or similar? Or any ideas on what to do?
Whenever this happens, the account no longer balances/reconciles (obviously), so it’s kind of a big deal! :slight_smile:

Are you saying the first row ( column headers) of the transactions sheet keeps getting overwritten? If so that is not good and will break things

No, not the header row… just the first transaction row disappears… in my case the initial deposit to create the checking account… same for savings account… or the first transaction of a credit card account.

That is so odd. @randy or @heather any thoughts or recommendations on troubleshooting this?

@TeeDub I just sent you a message via our support channel.

This is something we’re aware of is happening to a very limited number of people but we’re unable to reproduce so we’re not sure how to fix it just yet.

If others who come across this thread are experiencing it, please reach out to


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It happened again today. The first 2 or 3 rows of the account transactions were missing.
I wonder if…
Tiller can’t handle the spreadsheet being in a filtered state… in other words, if I am balancing a given account or viewing a given account (which is almost always) and the Account # column is being filtered to just that Account, then the Fill algorithm doesn’t add the correct amount of rows at the top of the spreadsheet before filling them because some of the rows are hidden from the filtering.
I don’t have time to test this, but perhaps someone more industrious than I at Tiller could do successive Fills with and without a filtered spreadsheet to verify if this is the “bug” so to speak…

I feel like I have tested this before and it worked without issue for me but I will double check and test again!

Do you mind replying to the conversation I started via email/support channel if you continue to have issues rather than here in the Community? Thanks!

I concur with @heather I always keep my transactions sheet filtered to only show items with blank categories and it updates with no issues.

I actually tested this again today (Excel specific issue @richl - are you referring to Excel or Google Sheets) and was able to reproduce the issue if I have a filter enabled on one of the columns in the Excel Transactions sheet.

Google sheets for me. Sorry I didn’t know it was excel only

Just a note, we’re working swiftly to correct this issue! And hope to offer an easy way to reconcile with another sheet filled via Tiller or a CSV from the bank.

Thank you, Heather.
I really appreciate your efforts and those of the Tiller team :slight_smile:
I’d like to say, and I’m sure you’d agree, that whatever the solution… it shouldn’t require the user to pre-condition the spreadsheet before clicking AutoCat. Whenever AutoCat is clickable, it should just work… :slight_smile:
All the best,

Hi @TeeDub - it isn’t actually anything specific to AutoCat it’s just having an active filter enabled in the Transactions sheet when you click “Fill”, but I totally agree, it should just work no matter how you have your sheet set up. We’ll being pushing a fix for this ASAP and sharing steps on how to clean things up.

Thank you, Heather… you’re great at following up!
As for cleanup, I don’t need any steps… I went back to backup copies on Microsoft OneDrive and re-entered the various transactions that had been deleted.
Thank you,
Tim Wieck
Now I just need to get PayPal and Venmo to download into Tiller… :slight_smile: I must not have set those 2 accounts up correctly…
Also, FWIW, my other 5 accounts Filled in 80 seconds and AutoCat’d in 120 seconds, so that’s good. It had taken nearly an hour a couple times earlier… so I think I might be past that!

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Just wanted to follow up again for others reading this:

We were recently alerted to a bug with our Microsoft Excel add-in resulting in missing and duplicate transaction data on the Transactions sheet. This happened when there was an active filter turned on in the Transactions sheet during a fill.

We have pushed a fix for this issue as of March 24th so it should not occur again, but we’d like to share some steps to restore any missing transactions and clean up duplicates.

  1. Open your workbook and launch the Tiller Money Feeds Excel add-in from the Data ribbon
  2. Sign in to Tiller in the add-in sidebar
  3. Click the “Fill” button to ensure that you get the latest available data into your workbook first
  4. Click on the “Settings” item at the top of the add-in sidebar
  5. Click “Re-fill transactions” under the Utilities area near the bottom of the Settings section - wait for the spinning circle to stop spinning before making any edits
  6. Click “Remove duplicate transactions” button - wait for the spinning circle to stop spinning before making any edits

If you do have missing or duplicate transactions caused by this bug, these steps will address that. You can read more about these steps as well as the limitations and expected behavior of these utilities on our help center here.

If you have any trouble with these steps or have questions about this issue, please reach out to us in