Balances Updating in an Endless Loop

This morning I refreshed my accounts in the console and tried to update my Excel spreadsheet. The balances are being pulled in in an endless loop. Are others seeing this as well?

@heather , did you guys add some new code last night? I have never seen this before. The update process never gets to the transactions. I had to just close the spreadsheet and start over but the same issue occurs.

@dminches, thanks for letting me know. We did push an update, but it shouldn’t have affected the updates to sheets. I’ll have one of our engineers take a look.

Thanks Heather.

If I look at the Balance History worksheet I can see the same block of balances being added over and over again.

@dminches, we’re working on a fix.

This issue would have affected anyone who had balance updates but no transactions at the time they tried to update.

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can you give it another try and let me know if it’s working now?

I did/do have transactions available for downloading.

It seems to be working now!