Transactions not feeding into sheets (3/31/2021)

For the last 3 days, after updating each of my accounts in the console, I am noticing that no new transactions are showing up. The balances are all updated but I am missing at least 12 transactions. I know this because I also still use Quicken and those transactions show up there.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

On a side note, in Excel the sidebar shows “update available” for balances but not for transactions.

I’ve experienced the same issue the last two days. I’m using Google Sheets, and tried it on three different sheets I have. Going to submit a ticket next, I think.

Sorry you are experiencing this as well but glad I am not the only one!


I know, right? I just submitted a ticket, so we’ll see what they say.

@royboybaum I just replied to your ticket.

Are you both missing transactions for all accounts linked to the specific sheet or just some?

You’re getting balances, but not transactions?

I am getting balances but no transactions.

I am not getting any transactions.

Thanks @dminches. I’ve alerted our engineers. We pushed some new code on Monday that could have caused this, I’ll update this thread later when I have more info.

Thanks @heather . I assume I don’t need to open up my own ticket?

That’s right, you don’t need to open a separate one right now.

Adding another dataset. My Bank of America transactions are showing up as expected.

just balances are updating, not transactions. And it seems to affect all accounts, at least the ones I refreshed the last couple of days.

That’s my situation as well.

Thanks @branadonshutter you’re currently on the newer version of the implementation with our data provider so this issue is not affecting you.

For @royboybaum and @dminches the update is that the changes we pushed on Monday broke transaction feeds for some of our “Legacy” users.

We’re working as quickly as possible to address the issue and push a fix, but I don’t have an ETA just yet.

@blake this is what’s going on with some of your accounts too FYI I saw your recent thread in support.

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Yes, thanks. At least you know what it is and are working on it My last transaction was 03-26-21.

@heather Heather, I thought I made the changeover from legacy 6 months ago or is that different than your definition of “legacy?”

Look at the very bottom of your console for the answer to what version you are on.

Thanks. I am still on Legacy.

@dminches - when I looked back at our convo you decided not to do it because the issue resolved itself.

I have an update that this should be fixed now, but you’ll need to manually refresh the accounts to get the latest data to pull in or wait for the next automatic refresh.

@royboybaum @Blake can you also give it a try and let us know if it’s working again.

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Yes, I am now back in business. Thanks, Blake

Same with me. Thanks for looking into this.