Frequency of Balance History updates?

On my Balance History sheet I see regular entries (almost daily) for a handful of accounts while others haven’t had any new entries since I set up the add-on in the spreadsheet almost 2 weeks ago. Is this normal/expected? I do seem to be getting updated balances for the active accounts but not sure if that’s coincidence or by design?

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hi @mikeburr,

Right now we’re working on correcting an issue with the feeds where balance history entries aren’t pulled in for accounts on days when no transactions were pulled for an account. For those accounts where you haven’t had a recent balance update, have there been transactions pulled in on for those accounts specifically since the last balance update?


Aha, I’m having the same issue. That makes sense that only accounts for which there have been transactions are getting updated. I would also prefer to see the balance history for all accounts updated daily, so there’s no confusion whether or not the accounts were pulled in.

:wave:, @mih!

I’ll post a reply here when we’ve pushed out an update that should address the balance infrequency for less active accounts. :+1:

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Thanks @heather. Also, noticing that some account balances and transaction history isn’t updating even if there have been transactions. This may be isolated to Amex, which had outages recently.

Thanks @heather, what you describe matches what I’m seeing. Please let me know if there’s any additional info I can provide to help get this sorted out!

We pushed an update yesterday that should address this. Going forward, you should now see balance updates on days when no transactions were pulled in. Please let me know if that’s not the case for you @mih, @mikeburr

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Just verified today that I’ve received balances in the last day or two for every account except a handful that are having connectivity issues. Thanks for following up!


@heather Having issues w/ balance updates that sound similar to those above over the last week, in spite of the update pushed out. For reference, I have 27 accounts linked across 7 separate institutions and below screenshot is of a pivot table off my ‘Balance History’ tab counting the # of balances recorded each day. As you can see 11/14/19, 11/16/19 and now today (11/19/19), hardly any balance updates. About 10 of my linked accounts are investment brokerage accounts with balances that change daily, M-F, so accurate, updated balance info is important. Any insights on what’s going on and how to correct?


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UPDATE: Today I have zero account balances updated in my balance history, with my most recent balance update in balance history more than 34 hours ago. Today I received a dump of transactions dated from 11/17-11/19. All my accounts are ‘green’ and I’ve ‘pushed’ through a refresh through the Tiller Console. I’m curious if anyone else is having this issue?

Hi @jtbarron,

If we can’t connect to the bank because of a 2FA or some other intermittent error we can’t pull any data at all. I’m guessing that was the case with these accounts.

Let me know if they don’t have 2FA turned on and seemed to be stably connected during the time period where you didn’t receive a balance update.


None of the 27 accounts I have linked has 2FA. Today Tiller pulled in 19 new transactions dated from 11/17-11/19 from 7 separate accounts spanning 3 institutions, yet zero balance updates were retreived. How is it transactions were pulled but no balance updates?

Additionally, referencing my screenshot above, why am I receiving 23 balance updates on 11/13, followed by 1 on 11/14, then back to 34 on 11/15, then 4 on 11/16. Again, none of these accounts have 2FA set up.

@heather Curious if there are any updates/thoughts after confirming none of my accounts have 2FA?

As an update, I received zero balance updates for 11/19 and 11/20, so I signed out and back in to the Tiller Money Feeds add-on, making sure to select ‘Auto Update’ in the ‘Settings’ section. Upon signing back in to Tiller Money Feeds I then received a dump of balance history updates at that time. However, back to very sporadic balance updates once again.


Hi @jtbarron,

Just wanted to close the loop here and share for others’ benefit. After talking with our engineers the behavior is due to you being on our original integration with our data provider and handles balance updates on a schedule vs push notification type updates used in the latest integration.

We’ll be announcing a beta program for migrating to the latest integration as we continue planning so I don’t have a firm timeline on that just yet. We’re still improving it before building the migration workflow or encouraging anyone to switch.


Hi, I’m also having an issue with balances not updating. Seems some of them are still doing it regularly, but some haven’t updated in almost a month. I attached a pivot showing most recent balance date stamp for each institution (some of which have multiple accounts at that institution).

Is this the same integration issue mentioned by @heather?


balances not updating

Yes, @charlotte. Same integration issue as above.

Thanks @heather. Is there any way to get them to update? Some of those accounts have had many transactions since that date, especially the Fidelity ones.

Hi @charlotte,

Are you seeing the Transactions pulling through but aren’t getting Balance History updates?

If you’re not seeing transactions or balances I’d recommend updating the login details for the affected account(s) via the Tiller Console:

  1. Log in to the Tiller Console at
  2. Click “Account Summary”
  3. Click the gear icon next to one of the affected accounts (or click “edit” if you see it).
  4. Choose “update login”
  5. Re-enter your credentials and any security codes.
  6. Wait for a successful connection.

If that doesn’t help, please reach out directly to so we can look into this more closely for you to make sure there isn’t an issue with your specific accounts.

This is my same issue - no updates since Dec 6th, actually. I’m looking forward to the update to fix this. All transactions are coming in, and balances are updated on the daily summary email, but not showing up in the budget worksheet.

I’m having same issues. Balances not updating despite transactions coming through in transactions sheet and balance history. Some account are not even downloading transactions despite several updates of login in Tiller console account summary.

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