Frequency of Balance History updates?

On my Balance History sheet I see regular entries (almost daily) for a handful of accounts while others haven’t had any new entries since I set up the add-on in the spreadsheet almost 2 weeks ago. Is this normal/expected? I do seem to be getting updated balances for the active accounts but not sure if that’s coincidence or by design?

hi @mikeburr,

Right now we’re working on correcting an issue with the feeds where balance history entries aren’t pulled in for accounts on days when no transactions were pulled for an account. For those accounts where you haven’t had a recent balance update, have there been transactions pulled in on for those accounts specifically since the last balance update?


Aha, I’m having the same issue. That makes sense that only accounts for which there have been transactions are getting updated. I would also prefer to see the balance history for all accounts updated daily, so there’s no confusion whether or not the accounts were pulled in.

:wave:, @mih!

I’ll post a reply here when we’ve pushed out an update that should address the balance infrequency for less active accounts. :+1:

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Thanks @heather. Also, noticing that some account balances and transaction history isn’t updating even if there have been transactions. This may be isolated to Amex, which had outages recently.

Thanks @heather, what you describe matches what I’m seeing. Please let me know if there’s any additional info I can provide to help get this sorted out!

We pushed an update yesterday that should address this. Going forward, you should now see balance updates on days when no transactions were pulled in. Please let me know if that’s not the case for you @mih, @mikeburr

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Just verified today that I’ve received balances in the last day or two for every account except a handful that are having connectivity issues. Thanks for following up!