Money Feeds - Update Sheet

When I select update sheets under money feeds, it starts to spin and then spins forever. After a long time, it appears to bring in new data but it does not stop spinning. I can only stop the spinning by closing the sidebar. I also notice that it is bringing in data in certain accounts going back a year’s worth of time. I cleaned up my balance history tab a month ago and now it is cluttered back up with duplicates, sometimes 10 entries in a day, etc. Does anyone know what is going on here? I go not believe this has happened to me before. Thanks, Blake

Update - 12-28-19 - Today I received a dump of 50 transactions, all in just one day. Some were duplicates going back 1-2 months, but luckily only affected a few accounts.

Here is a very specific situation. I have one account whose balance only changes on the last day of each month. I cleaned up the Balance History for that account one month ago. I basically had that account down to about 12 rows for 2019. I just looked today and that account had over 700 rows for 2019 on the Balance History tab. What’s up? Something is out of control here.

@heather ?


This is unusual behavior to me since the Tiller Money Feeds add-on uses a watermark to determine at what point to start bringing in new data to prevent duplicates. It’s possible that if your initial fill was interrupted or didn’t bring everything across fully at that time that the system is still trying to catch up.

The spinning behavior sounds like a large data set trying to come across or issues with being logged in to multiple Google accounts in the same browser session.

I can investigate further if you can reach out directly to with more specifics on the accounts that are pulling duplicated balance history entries.