Tiller Money Feeds Not loading new balances and transactions - seems frozen

I can’t seem to get my new balances and transactions to load. Its been going for probably an hour. Started in Safari. Tried in Chrome as well. Ive been having issues the last few days.

I also can’t click into “Settings”, “Connected Accounts” or “Manual Accounts.” Its as if they are dead links. “Manage my Subscription” works.

Hi @bostonasad,

It’s likely due to authentication mismatch conflicts in the browser.

Review this section of the Tiller Money Feeds troubleshooting guide for more details:

Thank you! I think that worked!

I am seeing similar issues when using Microsoft Excel as well. I have tried on several different days, and completed a reboot of the computer with no change.

Hi @cwcmind, can you share specifically what’s happening with Microsoft Excel?

If you’re getting a message that the “browser is insecure” you need to “link” a Microsoft account to your Tiller subscription and log in to the Excel add-in using that account instead.

Morning Heather
After selecting which Google account to log in and clicking fill, the status “circle” continues to spin indefinitely. I let it run for 3 hours to see if a message or error would occur yet none appeared. I did try the Google Sheets version this morning to see if the issue was caused while refreshing the account data, but that completed a refresh successfully.

Are you using a .xlsm file type?

Yes, it is the xlsm file type. I’ve been using that file type for about a year for one of your affiliates makingyourmoneymatter’s spreadsheets.

Good day @heather, any thoughts from the engineers yet on what could be causing this? I let Tiller add-in run for a while again this morning.


Hi @cwcmind, you’ll need to contact @Kathryn for a password to get this working again.

There was an issue with the password protecting the workbook’s structure and the add-in needs to add a hidden sheet for maintaining data watermarks for a forthcoming update we’ll be making to the add-in’s feed process.

Great, thank you @heather . I’ll reach out to her.

@cwcmind The password to enter is:

Just shoot me an email or DM me here and I’m happy to make sure you get it working!