Tiller Money Feeds won't load

I’ve not been able to load the Money Feeds at all for nearly 2 weeks. I can tell, since the last transactions in my Transactions tab are from April 26th. Ever since, When I go to open the Money Feeds, I see the ‘Working’ black popup at the bottom of google sheets, with the arrows cycling/loading, and then it just never moves from that - the Money Feeds interface never opens. I’ve tried doing force refreshes, and coming back days later etc and still having this issue. Anyone else?

That definitely isn’t right. You may want to clear your browsers cache. You can try another browser. But if not contact support directly

Hi @rosemcc93 please make sure you’re loading Tiller Money Feeds from the bottom of the Extensions menu.

There is a known issue where if you try to load from Add-ons > Document add-ons sidebar it can behave like this. Not sure if that’s what you’re doing or not, but one other thing to double check.

Otherwise, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at https://my.tillerhq.com/