Money Feed Not Working


This morning my money feed just stopped working. I’ve changed nothing in my browser and I use essentially no add-ons or other extensions.

I’ve seen this posted before with lots of highly technical fixes suggested by Tiller, none of which worked for the user posting the question.

This is as critical as functionality gets for Tiller and shouldn’t fail or require highly technical fixes.

Can someone please help?

Same here. Just started not working today. I am disappointed that Tiller only replied with some stock replies like check to see if I have a privacy add-on that Tiller needs to be added to. If this is not resolved soon I will need to find another solution. Too bad because I really liked Tiller.

@clemmonsnc They posted an alert when you go into your console. It was a google update that broke it, doesn’t seem like it was anything specifically related to Tiller and they are working on a patch.

I do not recall seeing an alert but thank you for the info. I am still exploring other options but will stay if this is worked out quickly.

I do feel an email or some other form of communication (pinned article here) would have been a more clear way of communicating the issue. I did check mine late yesterday and it was working. Hopefully fixed for you today.