Tiller Money Feeds Not Loading

I am having trouble with Tiller Money Feeds not working. When I click Add-ons in Google Sheets, select Tiller Money Feeds, and then Update Sheets, it just spins and spins and says Working, and then it times out. I have also tried selecting Open Sidebar, and get the same result. I have tried different browsers and different computers over the past few weeks. I have also uninstalled the Add-on and reinstalled, but have had no success. Does anyone have any other suggestions? thanks

I would try this. Shut down your computer (not restart), wait a couple of minutes, then turn it back on. If it does not work, you have only wasted 3 minutes of time. Let us know.

Hi @khryc,

Have you by chance installed a lot of solutions using the Tiller Money Labs add-on?

If you have a lot of solutions that are trying to process complex formulas in the background this can cause things to slow to a stop.

The help article below outlines the out of the box sheets in the Foundation template. If you have more tabs than this then it could be causing the slow down and you can try removing any you’re not really using and see if that helps?

The other thing that has worked sometimes - thought I don’t recall if this specific behavior - is disabling offline editing.

Thanks Heather,

I tried your suggestions, but they unfortunately didn’t work.

I just use the basic out-of-the-box sheets, plus Debt Progress.

I can’t even get into the sidebar, but can tell you I just have the basic solutions set up.

Any other suggestions?

@khryc debt progress could actually be swamping the processing if you have many accounts configured there and a large Balance History sheet. It’s a processor hog with a lot of complex formulas.

I’d recommend just starting in a fresh sheet, updating it with your data from the same accounts and see if it works fine. If so, then it’s something with that specific sheet and you’ll likely be better off just starting fresh.

Hey everyone, just thought I’d chime in because I had the same issue that khryc was having (assuming you got it solved?) and found a solution to mine.

Similar to khryc, I tried in multiple browsers, with and without extensions, with and without offline editing, but to no avail.

As a bit of background information about the issue, I have 3 google accounts, let’s called them:

  • account A
  • account B
  • account C

Account A is associated with Tiller (it’s the account I log into Tiller with and on which I made the Tiller spreadsheet). I noticed that account B was currently my “default” google account. (I didn’t think this would be an issue because I made sure I was logged into account A when using the Tiller sheet). But as soon as I logged out of all of my google accounts and logged into account A first (causing account A to become the “default”) Tiller Money Feeds loaded up just fine and as quickly as it usually does.

Tl;dr: make sure your current “default” google account is the account also associated with Tiller (if you have >1 google account logged in on your browser).