Account balance not updating?

Has anybody else run into an issue where their balances aren’t updating after running Tiller Money Feeds?

I have a number of accounts linked on my spreadsheet and everything updated wonderfully when I first created the spreadsheet and linked all my accounts, however, I’ve found that after a couple of days, only a small number of linked accounts are actually getting updated daily.

I’ve tried checking to make sure that the connection is good and also ran Tiller Money Feeds manually through the side bar. After running it just now I only have transactions up until September 12th even though I’ve had posted transactions happen on my accounts between the 12th and today.

Hmmm…I am experiencing the same thing and have been wondering the same as you. My last one was 09-12-19 too and I have had lots of spending since then. I bet we get a big dump by tomorrow morning.

Can you try visiting the Tiller Console to make sure your accounts are refreshing under the Account Summary and then try opening the sheet and clicking “update sheets” in the Tiller Money Feeds sidebar?

Sometimes it takes visiting the Console to kick off a refresh of your data from the bank into our systems. Sometimes this requires re-enter un/pw + security answers/codes.

Here’s our guide on refreshes:

Tried that just now and my accounts from that particular bank just constantly show that looping animation but doesn’t seem to be connecting… it doesn’t seem to be failing either. When I open up the list of linked accounts inside the add-on it shows the account is connected but in the console itself it’s just loading non stop.

For what its worth, my account always shows the spinning circle, even after the status shows Refresh Complete. I basically just ignore it.

The spinning circle doesn’t bother me too much, as my key issue is that some of my accounts aren’t refreshing at all, with one of them being my main chequings account. For some reason it’s still refusing to update with transactions past September 12th.

@hamsolo I just sent you an email directly. We’ll work with you via email to get this resolved. Anytime you’re having data feed issues with bank connections you can always reach out directly to for help.