Account Refresh Issue - 11/24/20

There seems to be an issue with the account data pull this morning. The system hangs on the console page or goes to the refresh page and just sits there.

Thanks @dminches, I see the same thing and am looking into this now.

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TL;DR: Mash the button a lot for now.

So just to give a bit of an update here… it looks like we’re being rate limited by our data provider which is causing the latency you’re seeing. I’ve tried to turn down all non-essential traffic to the data provider in the hopes that the real-time interactive traffic (like Fastlink) can get through, and I have a note out to them to have it looked at.

That’s not an ideal update obviously but it’s where I’m at at the moment. Hopefully we’ll have better news there soon.


This is “Fastlink” in the Legacy integration with our data provider for those of you unfamiliar and is a good cue you’re still on that integration :wink: if you’re interested in manually upgrading, you can read more here.

My personal Tiller Money account is still on the legacy integration and I noticed after clicking “refresh” for one of the accounts that the data was grabbed and the last refresh date for several was updated. So that validates that workflow we discussed @brasten.

P.S. I’m not working on Thanksgiving just posting here as a customer/community member :wink:

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
I think my experience may be a little different. The account balances (Checking& Savings) have updated but the tracsactions are lagging way behind. The balances were updated as noted in the email update. I did do a manual refresh this morning and nothing changed.
As of this writing the last transaction captured is 11/20 with about a dozen or so transactions not yet posted.
Not complaining - just trying to provide insight as to how the data gathering is working or not.

@mkarbowsky, if you’re still experiencing delays, please reach out to us via the chat tool in the lower right corner of the Console at