Just signed up again--issue with Tiller sheet

Hello–I’ve just signed up for Tiller Sheets. I have all my accounts refreshed, but my transactions end at 4/6/21. I have certainly used my linked accounts since then.

Does anyone know why nothing from 4/6 to present is showing up?

Thank you very much!

Very peculiar! I’d make sure there isn’t a filter turned on that might be hiding newer transactions. If there’s no filter, I’d check at Tiller Money (tillerhq.com) to see if everything looks right there (no errors) and maybe refresh the accounts manually, then go back to your transaction sheet, open the Tiller Money Feeds add-on, and “Fill Sheets” to have it grab anything new it found.


Well, not sure what to say, but it has updated to May 18. Which I am happy to report. I’ll keep your advice in mind in case this happens again. Many thanks.

Glad to hear the issue is resolved, @sandral18706.