I’m not seeing any transactions on any accounts since 3/24/22

We set up Tiller earlier in the year, checked in a few times, then let it be thinking it would be updating every so often.
I logged in today thinking I’d really get into it and start working the service, but after refreshing all the accounts linked to Tiller, I’m not seeing any transactions more recent than 3/24/22.

I would first check in two areas.

  1. On the Tiller dashboard check the last updated date:

If that looks correct then from your Sheet, check your connected accounts and make sure they are still connected to the Tiller Sheet


Thanks Rich.
I did all that and looked around all through the tabs before reaching out to you.
Everything is refreshed and connected.
Just not seeing any transactions for the past several months.
Tried to add pics showing this, but apparently I’m not allowed to imbed media.

Ok. I was hoping it was the connected accounts issue as that gets me almost every time I add an account

Definitely reach out to Tiller support. I am sure they will get you up and running.

Thanks rich.
I thought this WAS tiller support…

Nope this is the community of Tiller users. Here is a link to understand all the ways ti get help from actual Tiller