Missing random transactions from otherwise connected accounts

I have been using Tiller for literally years now, and have several credit cards connected to my account.

Recently, I was looking for one specific transaction (from January 2024) and couldn’t find it in my google sheet, so I checked the credit card transactions for it, and it was there. While I was looking, I noticed a few other transactions missing as well. The account had been connected the whole time, and it wasn’t missing all the transactions, just some. Today, I noticed that a different credit card was missing transactions from December last year.

I tried reconnecting the accounts, tried creating brand new spreadsheets and re-pulling the data, but the transactions are still missing. The chatbot just thinks I have an account connection issue, but that doesn’t make sense since the accounts are connected and pulling recent data.

Now I have to go check all my other accounts line by line to see if there are gaps. It kind of defeats the purpose of the software if I have to do this and can’t tell if it’s missing random items or not…

Thoughts on how to address this?

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The Statements solution could help you reconcile your Statements with your Tiller Transactions.

Of course that doesn’t fix the missing transactions issue, but provides a way to check all transactions are accounted for.