Chase Credit Card Not Downloading All Transactions

Hi everyone. I’m new to Tiller. I really love the interface and the simplicity of it. Only thing I’m really bummed about is that it’s not downloading all my transactions from my Chase credit card account. I’m seeing several that are missing. I have refreshed the data and have started a new Google Sheet. Nothing seems to bring those missing transactions in.

Any idea what’s going on? I really want to be able to depend on Tiller to track all my expenses but so far from what’s happening it’s not working for me. :frowning:

Have you tried all the troubleshooting advice offered here? If none of that fixes it, then I think you need to reach out to Tiller customer support through the chat window in the lower right of the Tiller console. It may be a bank-specific issue, and that’s hard for anybody on these forums to diagnose. (Fwiw, Chase works perfectly for me, so I wonder if there’s something else going on in your sheets.)

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Are you saying that you are getting some transactions from this account, but some are missing? As opposed to getting transactions previously and now none are downloading.

How have you determined a transaction is missing? Like, with AutoCat, it’s possible overwrite Transactions sheet data and make a transaction look different than expected.

Or, as @dmetiller suggested in the link, make sure the Transactions sheet doesn’t have any filters turned on.

I have a couple Chase credit cards and I believe they are working fine, but you’re making me wonder :thinking:

My bills from Chase match what my Credit Card Settings sheet says they should be, so I have some external validation that all of my Chase accounts are syncing correctly in Tiller.

Well not sure what happened but my transactions did finally come in. Is it normal for them to take a few days to show up in Tiller even though if I log in to the credit card website they are showing up there (not the pending ones I’m talking about)? I also did some transfers last night in my B of A accounts and they still are not showing up either. Seems pretty slow the ability to since accounts. Unless I’m missing something? BTW I did all the trouble shooting everyone who responded said to do so.

I wouldn’t say that is normal but it does happen . I also use a chase credit card and have had a few times where it seems to take a bit longer to show up. I find it best to go to the Tiller console and refresh the chase account. ( luckily it is a very fast refresh.

Yeah, I wouldn’t say it’s abnormal for transactions to show up on a credit card site (not just Chase) and then take a couple of days to make its way to Tiller. Maybe not ideal, but not abnormal.

I am currently running Tiller simultaneously with my previous money management app (Moneydance) as I transition to Tiller. Sometimes Tiller gets a particular transaction one or two days before Moneydance sees it, sometimes one or days after. It’s not predictable. Tiller uses Yodlee, Moneydance uses a combination of Plaid and direct OFX connections. If I am waiting for a certain “important” transaction to clear, I will login to the bank/credit card account directly to look for it before it leisurely arrives at my money app(s).

The Tiller Daily Update email is another spot to check that the transactions have made their way to Tiller and are available to Fill into your spreadsheet. After doing refresh from the console, wait about 5 minutes before Fill just to give the data a chance to fully settle.

For my use case, it doesn’t matter if there’s a couple day delay from when the card gets used to when I have access to it in the spreadsheet. Although it would be nice and it’s something Tiller is working on to improve.

I wonder if this isn’t just a matter of the transaction being in a “pending” state with your credit card company. Tiller won’t download the transaction until it’s in a “cleared” status.

Depending on the store/vendor, sometimes it can take days for the transaction to leave pending status and move to cleared.