Delays in seeing transactions from various credit cards

I’m new to Tiller and love the service for the most part, but I’m having 4-5 day delays in seeing posted (that is, not “pending”) transactions from nearly all of my credit cards. This is happening with Amex, Citi, Chase Bonvoy, etc.
Am I doing something wrong or need to do something to reduce the delay?
I’m using Excel.

Yes, Tiller’s data provider seems to be quite a bit slower in processing transactions than say, Mint’s.

thanks!!! I found that by going to the Tiller Console and “Refreshing” my connections about 4 days of transactions suddenly loaded. I keep my spreadsheet on my local hard drive, so it’s possible my machine caused this particular issue. For now, when it’s seems slow, I’ll do this refresh. Thanks again for your feedback!

Glad to hear it is working again for you, @ken.bradley5.