Large Delay in Transactions being imported

Does anyone else experience a large lag in when transactions post to your accounts and when they are brought in via the tiller feed?

When refreshing this morning (1/24) the most recent transactions being imported are from 1/17. I checked several accounts and there are a lot of posted transactions since 1/17. Same with balances.

FWIW when i press ‘Fill’ I don’t get any errors and get the green “fill complete” banner.

One of the best things that I like about Tiller over Mint is that only posted transactions show up. I’ve done several checks on my credit cards, etc. when I think Tiller should have a transaction, and thus far they were still in pending status on the card, etc. Let us know if you find out anything else about this issue.

I agree and do see the value in only showing posted transactions. Just looking at our primary credit card, I count a total of 30 transactions that are not reflected within my tiller file. 5 of these are “pending” so I wouldn’t expect them to be reflected, but the remaining 25 transactions I have no explanation why they aren’t being pulled in despite some of them being posted for a week now.

It’s quite frustrating to say the least as it doesn’t provide me with an up to date view of my monthly spend to allow me to see where I am at relative to my budget and make changes if needed.

For anyone else experiencing this and wanting a quick fix. A workaround I discovered is logging into your tiller account at my dot tiller dot com and manually refreshing each of your accounts. Then if you go back to your spreadsheet and click “fill” your transactions and balances will update.

Still unsure why clicking “fill available bank data” in the add-in doesn’t accomplish this.

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Main reason is that there’s an intrinsic refresh cycle for tiller to get the data from Yodlee(the service provider). For a bit more clarity there’s at least 3 refresh cycles going on. One from the bank itself and what it denotes as available for data aggregators to collect, and two for Yodlee and tiller itself to collect and populate. So depending on where each of these cycles are you might get a few day lag between when a transactions post with the bank and when it shows up in tiller.
And sometimes you might need to go in a manually refresh, as you’ve noticed, because Yodlee wasn’t able to do it.
I have some banks that are quicker and some that are slower so sometimes you’ll see one banks transaction pop up. and then a couple days later another banks from a previous days pops up.

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I’m not only experiencing cleared transactions not showing up, but even if I refresh manually, not all my primary bank accounts are showing up. I get checking but I am missing a loan and credit card account from the same bank with the same login. I’m new to Tiller, but I expected the account detection to grab all my bank accounts. Any help would be appreciated.

If you look at the top of the console page under linked spreadsheets, do you see all of the boxes checked for the accounts to which you are trying to connect (click on the name of your linked spreadsheet, hit the down arrow next to it, and look for your accounts)? I’d double-check the same thing in the Connected Accounts section of the Tiller Money Feeds. Hopefully, the boxes are simply unchecked (seems to happen sometimes with newly linked accounts) and checking them and refreshing solves the problem. If the accounts either are not there or they are there and already checked, then you may need to report an issue with your specific bank to Tiller customer support through the chat window in the console. Bank-specific issues generally need to be dealt with by customer support as opposed to here on the forum.


@dmetiller Yeah, when I first connected with my bank, only my checking and savings showed, but I unchecked my savings since I use a different bank for that. I did that through the Tiller connected page in my browser (not sure how to refer to it as opposed to Tiller Money Feeds in the spreadsheet). I’ve refreshed several times but only my checking shows up. The “Fill” but on TMF has never turned blue as I think I heard it does. But I just started, so maybe I’ll give it another day or so and then contact Tiller Support.

I appreciate the help! :sunglasses:

Our feeds aren’t able to pull in pending data so there can be a few days delay depending on how long it takes your institution to post pending transactions and update balances. We’ve found that even if something is “posted” for the customer, it isn’t fully “posted” yet internally. Our feeds are also not live, so a 2-3 day delay in your data can be expected - especially over weekends or bank holidays. As long as your data is not missing for 5+ days after a successful refresh then the feeds are working as expected.

There can be additional delays if you are waiting for your data to be refreshed and filled automatically, so please be sure to refresh on the Tiller Console and then fill your sheets using the Tiller Money Feeds extension if you want your data to be as up-to-date as possible.

If you want to see pending data in your sheets, visit the Tiller Community and vote for the Pending Transactions feature request.

I just refreshed my one account in Tiller website, went through the account verification again, then went back to the Tiller Transaction tab and the fill button was blue. I clicked on it, and it only loaded 2 transaction, 1 from 2/8 and one from 2/9. It didn’t however load the other 20+ transactions from 2/2 to 2/7. Why?

As I wrote in one of your other threads, sorry that you’re having these challenges. Transactions over a week old not having posted yet is indicative that something is wrong, but nobody on these forums is going to be able to diagnose an issue with a specific institution. The standard forum response from the Tiller folks who post here is that you’ll need to contact customer support through the chat window in the console. In my experience, they are quick to respond during the week, though it can sometimes can take a bit of time to work with Yodlee to see what the issue is.


Thanks, will do because something is keeping the early Feb transactions from being imported.