Missing transactions big time!

Not sure if anyone else is facing the same troubles or is it only me. Have used Tiller and found it to be 100% reliable for the last couple years. Love all the features.

But I’m seeing multiple missing transactions across accounts since the start of January.

Have 8-10 credit cards and similar number of checking accounts.

Multiple transactions per day (say 20 total transactions per day).

When refreshing a common sheet across these accounts, some dates and lines are randomly missing. Tried troubleshooting with a specific account and a brand new template sheet with no changes made by me and those transactions are still missing.

Basically thousands of $ worth of transactions missing on random dates: 3 Jan, 10th Jan, 15th Jan etc. across checking accounts and credit cards.

Anyone else experiencing any of this?

Thank you all!

There were a few days where things got spotty (as @heather had reported), but everything seems back to normal for me.

Thanks for your note. Could you please link me to a precise incident report (days to watch out for etc.) or was the report vague in nature.

(Resolved) Service Interruption: transactions not filling (1/18/2022) - News & Announcements - Tiller Community (tillerhq.com)

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