(Resolved) Service interruption: transactions not filling (6/23/2022)

UPDATE: 6/24/2022 - 2:12PM ET

This should be fixed.

First, refresh your accounts…

  1. Log in to the Tiller Console at https://sheets.tillerhq.com/auth/login
  2. Scroll down to “Account Summary”
  3. Click “Connection > Edit credentials” to refresh your account.
  4. Follow the prompts to re-authenticate your account. In some cases, this may require you to re-enter credentials and/or enter security answers or codes.
  5. Wait for the refresh process to complete. If you get an error, please send us a screenshot.

Next, fill your sheet…

For Google Sheets:

  1. Open your Google Sheet
  2. Go to Add-ons > Tiller Money Feeds > Launch (or Open Sidebar).
  3. Then in the sidebar click Fill Sheets

For Microsoft Excel workbooks:

  1. Open your workbook
  2. Open the Tiller Money Feeds add-in from the Data ribbon
  3. Sign in if prompted, then click the “Fill” button

As of June 24, 2022 1:23PM ET Tiller is investigating and mitigating a service disruption with the following impacts:

  • New transactions not being pulled or filling into spreadsheets. Refreshes appear successful and balances are making it into spreadsheets.

There may be other impacts yet to be reported.

We are working as quickly as possible to resolve this issue. We will provide updates here.

Thanks for your patience.

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I just got an update from our operations team that it appears to be working again!

thanks for your update.

Can confirm fix. Followed the above steps. I had done that about 7 this morning and got balances/no transactions. Repeated it just before noon and got transactions for 3 different accounts. All looks accounted for.

I still have only Balances updated no transaction after the 22nd. I have reset connections with no results from Wells Fargo.

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After three attempts - each of which appeared to result in a successful refresh - Neither my balances nor my transactions are showing up for my USAA Checking and Savings accounts while my credit card transactions and balance did come through.

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My accounts show they are refreshing on the tillerhq console page, but no new transactions have shown up on my spreadsheet since June 24. When I refresh from the sheet, it says “1 new transaction added” but I don’t see it. There should be at least 10 transactions in the last few days.

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My accounts have not updated in the last 11 days, console and feed mostly show error messages, but occasionally it will display all the accounts and correct balances in the feed and say it has refreshed, but doesn’t actually put the new balances in the spreadsheet. This is so frustrating… I literally just purchased my Tiller license because it worked fine during 30 day trial period :frowning:

@mtthoma @vick @polkhewitt @jannamicole - we’ve considered this issue resolved so if you’re still having trouble please reach out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at https://sheets.tillerhq.com/auth/login if you haven’t already.