Adding transactions manually from .csv and debit/credit formatting ?'s

I’m new to Tiller and want to populate all the transactions made since 1/1/21 from all my cc and bank accounts, but the automatic feature doesn’t go that far back, so I’ll have to pull it in manually. The tutorials mention how to get bank account data in, but wondering if it’s any different for credit cards? and the credit card transactions I’m working on formatting have the debit and credit in separate columns. I am so confused how to handle that. should the debit be positive and credit be negative and meshed into one column? or the other way around? How will the csv line items add-on recognize it’s a credit card and not a bank account? i have several credit cards and bank accounts I’ll need to fill in, so i don’t want to make a mistake, or else it’ll be a mess, thanks!

To be consistent with the Transactions sheet the credit card payments (inflows to the credit card account) should be positive amounts and the credit card purchases should be negative amounts (outflows from the credit card account) and they should all be in a single column.

If all the amounts in your CSV are an absolute values and denoted as credit or debit in a separate column or you have two separate columns one for debits and one for credits, you’ll want to mesh them into a single column with the appropriate polarity.


thanks! i see in one of the guides here that this formula would help with the credit/debit meshing? but i’m not understanding how to use it…any pointers? or another formula to flip polarity?

I sort it so all similar items are together. In the next column I put in a formula to multiple the number in the other column by -1. Then you can drag down to fill other rows since they are all together. Then you can copy/paste(value) from the formula column to the column containing the data. Make sense? Blake

can you explain what you mean by sort similar items together? in the past i’ve done =- then clicked the cell i wanted to flip the sign for (from pos to neg), then dragged down, but then i get a 0 value where it’s empty for the debit column (since the values for the empty cells are in a separate column under credit)…sooo, how do you mesh the 2 in that case when the empty cell now has a 0? thanks!

Maybe start in a brand new column. Copy into that column every number that needs to be positive. You might get all those rows together via a sort if that makes the process easier. Then next deal with those numbers that need to be negative. Make a formula in your new column and say - the cell you want to make negative. Then do that process for all the others you want to make negative. Then convert those formulas to numbers. To do that you select all those cells with the formula and copy it and then paste (using value) right on top of itself. Maybe don’t drag but do copy/paste. Then get the numbers from your new column back into the column they need to be in to move forward with the process. Does this make sense? Blake