Csv import account assignment

Hi Everyone,

I’m migrating from Mint to Tiller and so far I’m in love with all the flexibility I have. I just completed a CSV import of my 14000 Mint transactions using the CSV import tool. The only issue I’ve noticed is that the transactions aren’t attached to an account. On the transactions tab each item has the account name assigned in Mint.

So far I’ve only set up one automatic account importing live data from my bank, that account has the same name as one of the mint accounts referenced. When I filter transactions on the insights page for this account it doesn’t pick up the previous mint transactions and the filter drop down doesn’t show any of the other accounts

Do I just need to find/replace the manual mint data with that from the auto account?

I would setup your automated accounts first. Then on the Transactions sheet, filter all the transactions you want to be in the first account, change the top one to match the name of the matching automated account. Then grab the fill handle on that cell and drag down over the rest of the transactions so they have the same name, then filter for the next account and repeat. I think this is what I did with mine when I imported from Mint a couple years back.

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We do have a guide here on importing data from mint with a video demo - not sure if you’ve seen it yet!

Thanks everyone, I did what @jpfieber recommended and it worked perfectly!