🏆 Generated Recurring Expenses Workflow

Thanks for sharing and documenting this solution to generating transactions, @1Email2RuleThemAll. As with your Income Settings sheet for Google Sheets contribution, you have done a really nice job making a complex tool accessible to others with extensive in-cell notes, granular intermediate calculations of layered outputs, and thorough documentation in this thread.

You’ve done a great job integrating Tiller core sheet conventions and leveraging header-row and ARRAYFORMULA(). I also appreciate your clear statement of purpose— that existing templates don’t allow for finer-than-monthly intervals.

Especially if the output of the “Generated Expenses for Check Expense Page View” were mapped to the user’s Transaction’s sheet header order, a tool like this could have been helpful in creating sample data.

As part of the Tiller Builder Rewards Program, the Tiller team is awarding you $25 for building this unique tool for developers and builders. Thanks again for sharing your creations and your process with us.


P.S. You mentioned an upcoming Report template…? Any hints on what you will be reporting on?

P.P.S. Your “grain” terminology is intriguing. What is the origin of that?