Tiller Money and Glide Apps - Has anyone done it recently?

I have read the example of creating a mobile app from the Tiller sheet with GlideApps, and I can see how it could work. (I created an app in Glide a couple years ago.) However, it looks like their current pricing model is only free for up to 500 rows of data. For last year, my transactions sheet had 2500 transactions.

Their lowest paid pricing model at $12/month is still too much for me. I mostly want to use it for categorizing uncategorized transactions, and also checking my budget to actual for the current month. I’m wondering if there’s a way to pull in transactions to a separate sheet (which would be under 500 rows) since GlideApps only counts the data rows on the attached tabs.


I use AppSheet and it has a free version for personal use. It doenst have any restrictions and it works great.

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Thanks! I’m giving it a try.

Question for you, if you don’t mind… is there a way to trigger auto-fill with just the app instead of going into the sheet and using the extension? If I want to use the app for categorizing transactions on a daily basis, I’m wondering how I could set it up to do that.

Unfortunately no. Tiller does not expose this capability outside their Add-on