Mobile App Creation Tutorial with Google AppSheet

Inspired by the Mobile App for Tiller with AppSheet posting, I have created a series of tutorials to get you started on creating your own Mobile app for your Google Sheets Tiller data. If interested, check out Create an AppSheet Budget Tool - A tutorial that builds a budget tool with Google AppSheet.


You’re a hero of the people. I’d been putting off dealing with AppSheet for nearly a week, and lo and behold I come back to THIS!

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Sweet! I’ve been meaning to try this when I have some time, but I’ve been daunted by the potential complexity. I’ll follow your tutorial and give it a go! Probably with a dummy sheet first to test my capabilities. :slight_smile: Thank you

Thank you for doing this I have tried several times to get started with no luck. Very very appreciated!

Any idea on what to do if you are using excel?

Hey @mandpeklund - I just want to thank you! I did a bunch of tinkering this weekend by starting with your Medium post, and it works! I now have an app I’ve shared with my wife (by app, I really mean a bookmarked mobile website using appsheet), and we can both see all transactions, a summary sheet with this month’s transaction totals by group (I like having my categories in budget groups) that you can drill into to see totals for each category and individual transactions, and another sheet to show all uncategorized transactions. It’s working well, and it’s way better than using the google sheets app on my iphone, which crashes with tiller.

BTW, I also learned that I can take one tab from my tiller spreadsheet and publish it to the web as a live, read-only budget summary. I’m using a copy of the Monthly Budget sheet from the foundation template, optimized for mobile viewing, with the month selector changed to always show the current month. Nice for viewing totals compared to budget and what remains.

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@stevation, Sadly, I don’t have any idea about how to do this with Excel.

I have updated Tutorial 6’s bonus to contain instructions on how to be compatible with the existing appsheet split.