YNAB convertee, needs private lesson

I would like to have someone share a spreadsheet, or tips on how to recreate YNAB. I am pretty good with excel but some of the fields are locked in the envelope budget and I am having a hard time navigating them. Is an expert available? I would gladly pay for a private lesson!
I need to get this set up so I can continue to use PROFIT FIRST. YNAB was so slow in bringing in banking info, it was worthless. HELP!

Good morning, I’ve never used YNAB (although I did look at it briefly before deciding on Tiller) or PROFIT FIRST. I would be happy to give you a tour of the Envelope Budget sheet in Tiller. I’ve been using it now for about a year and am pretty proficient at the basics. I even created a nice dashboard I use with it. I will say though, that I use it exclusively through Google Sheets. I’ve never used the Excel version so that might present an issue.

@brewer.05 so kind of you to offer a tour!

@epampalone there isn’t an Excel version of the Envelope Budget features so nothing to really think about there.

If it’s any help, we recently did a webinar on this template that you can watch and see if that helps.

Otherwise, feel free to post your detailed questions here or where you’re getting stuck and we’ll get you some clarification.