Tiller Money with Glide Mobile App Tutorial

The team at Glide app has just published a new tutorial on how to turn Tiller Money into a Mobile App using Glide.

Check out their new YouTube video here:

You can get started with Glide here: https://www.glideapps.com/

Last year, I had written a post about Using Glide to Make Tiller Into A Mobile App.

The latest video shows even more examples of what you can do via this integration.


Will the free version enable me to use the app or do I need to pay for a subscription? When I try to edit the transactions I am not getting a “DATA” section.

Hi @wyliej30 ,
You might be able to use the free version. I think they might have made some changes to the free and paid plans since we first published this.

The free version includes 500 data rows. So, depending on your Tiller spreadsheet, you might hit that limit. I’m not sure why you aren’t seeing a DATA section, but that might be the reason.

More info about glide pricing here:


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