How do I pull updated balance information into my own spreadsheet?

I’ve created my own spreadsheet for tracking my net worth as well as financial goals. However, I have not found a good method to link the account balances on my sheet to a sheet that Tiller is updating through Tiller feeds. I have tried using the Net Worth sheet and Balance History sheet by typing “=[Tiller sheet cell]” into the cell on my sheet where I want the account balance to appear. However, every time Tiller updates it seems the order of accounts shifts and the numbers on my sheet are all messed up. Any guidance would be welcome. Thank you.

You can add Tiller Feeds to up to 5 spreadsheets. Add it to the one you want. Or just add your custom work to the sheet you already have. There’s a great Net Worth tracker add-on sheet available in Tiller Labs.

When I link my sheet to Tiller Feed my accounts populate in three new Tiller tabs - balance history, transactions, and another one. Is there a way to link an account balance from the feed directly to a tab in my spreadsheet? Because it seems I am forced to link via the Tiller spreadsheet and each time the Tiller spreadsheet updates the accounts locations change on the grid.

Got everything working? You will need to do some tweaking depending what you have in your non-Tiller sheet to make it all work right. It’s hard to provide more specifics without seeing what you have. Keep reaching out until you are satisfied. Blake

Hi @ac123 ,
Let me give this a try.

If you want to get the Last Balance of any or all accounts, you will want to pull that information from the Accounts sheet. This Tiller sheet might be hidden but you can view it if you click the 4 lines (hamburger icon) on the button left of any sheet window, and select the account sheet.

As you noted, the account order might move around. That’s why it’s best to use a VLOOKUP() function to find the latest balance for the account you want.

On the Accounts sheet, if you “Account” names are unique, you could use this formula on any sheet in the spreadsheet to get your Visa Card account last balance:

=VLOOKUP("Visa Card",{Accounts!H2:H,Accounts!J2:J},2,FALSE)

Change Visa Card to any Account you want to get the last balance for.

If you want to find accounts by the Unique Acount Identifier, Account ID, or Account # listed in the Accounts sheet, then change the formula where it says Accounts!H2:H to the column letter of the column you want to use instead of Column H. So, Accounts!F2:F for example.

You can also put the account name in a cell on your other sheet, and use the cell reference in place of typing “Visa Card” in the formula.

Does that help?


Thanks, the VLOOKUP was the function I needed to make it work.

Much appreciated.

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