Any way to import only balance data into a linked Excel sheet?

I feel like this has probably been covered before, but I couldn’t find it searching around. Apologies in advance if this is a dupe.

I would like to make a more long-term / net-worth focused tracking sheet that is separate from the sheet I use for budgeting / more fine-grained tracking. The “Balance History” data seems like a good source to use as the basis for such a sheet.

Is it possible to import only balance data, without any transactions? I don’t really want to bloat the sheet with the fine-grained transaction data for ~all of my accounts. I tried deleting the Transactions sheet, but the Tiller integration just brought it back again.

I moved this into the Microsoft Excel category.

One option is to Copy/Paste-Link-to-source the “Balance History” sheet from your Tiller linked spreadsheet to a spreadsheet that is not linked to Tiller (or it’s linked to Tiller, but no financial accounts are linked). Then all account data download happens in your budgeting/tracking spreadsheet, and the Net Worth focused spreadsheet just links/imports the data from the budgeting/tracking spreadsheet.

In the Tiller linked source spreadsheet, select the rows/columns of the table and Copy.
In the Net Worth focused spreadsheet that is not linked to Tiller, select the first cell of the sheet where you want the Balance History and Paste-Link-to-source.


Thanks for the suggestion!

One thing that I forgot to mention is that my expense tracking sheet doesn’t have all of my accounts in it (so I don’t have to categorize non expense transactions). So I don’t think direct linking will work, though that could be an option if there isn’t another way.

Ah, okay, makes sense you might have differing accounts. Probably the least effort work-around is to delete the transactions every so often.

If you really want your Net Worth focused spreadsheet to be clean and not have unrelated sheets, then having two Net Worth spreadsheets - one for account data download and one for Net Worth reports that links to your Net Worth data source - might be an option, but this means you have an extra spreadsheet to manage.