Net Worth Tracking- Adding Prior History

Hello I am migrating over to tiller and was wondering if there is a way to add prior balances to the balance history?
I am looking for my net worth tab will be able to show farther back than the last few days.

Welcome to the community, @billo.

When you first connect your feeds, you should get ~90 days of history for linked accounts.
As for migrating data, what is your data source?


Thanks @randy. I did get 90 days off transactions but not the balances.

I have a net worth spreadsheet that I have been using for a few years that has the account balances for each month.

I’d recommend importing the archival balance data into a new sheet, match up the column order to align with the Tiller Balance History sheet, then paste in the data. You’ll need to make sure the Account names match up and also that you populate the Account ID column in your new rows with the Account IDs from the initial Tiller import. You can use the Google Sheets Data/Filter function to do this quickly and easily.

Good luck,

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Thanks Randy that worked perfectly!

Glad to hear it, @billo.

Hi Randy,

I’m interested in doing this as well. What is the easiest way to do this with data imported from Mint? Thanks

Good news, @joen… we recently added some powerful import tools to our Tiller Labs add-on that will help migrating data from Mint.