Adding Balance History entries from exported Mint data

I have a lot of balance history exported from Mint that I would like to add for my accounts. The article
‘Understanding the Balance History Sheet’ doesn’t quite match the content I see in the Balance History sheet.

I think I can map everything needed from my Mint export to the actual sheet columns, except for ‘Balance ID’. Is ‘Balance ID’ important? Can I leave it blank? If I can’t leave it blank, does it have to be unique for each row?


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That is populated when new balances are brought in through the tiller service, leaving them blank with self imported data from mint will have no ill effect on any of the templates.

Carry on!

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I do want to add that the Balance ID column is pretty important for any future troubleshooting purposes with your data that pulls in, so please don’t remove it :slight_smile:

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That is true, i have had to troubleshoot some of mine previously for duplicating with support and they did need those.

Hi @smf ,
How were you able to export balance history from Mint?
I am following this Reddit post and updating the calendar to a Jan 1 to Dec 31 timeframe for each year going backwards from 2022 to when my accounts started. Each of these will generate a CSV file with a number next to an account. Is this your method as well? If so, are you then just appending those CSV values into the Balance History sheet with the Tiller provided names for each account?

@morgan - Is this appending at the end of the Balance History safe to do with respect to future imports that Tiller might perform? I figured yes, but just wanted to confirm since I will be adding close to 10 years worth of balance history (expecting to append close to 100 lines).

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I used a chrome extension called “Mint Data Exporter, by Monarch Money”. It put all the balance histories in separate csv files.

Then I added and re-arranged columns using data from the accounts in Tiller. I just cut and pasted the results of my editing into the balance history sheet. There may be an easier way, but that worked for me.

I have excel, so I edited the csv files in that.

Make sure all of the columns show the data, if the column is too narrow, it may show ######, and that will be what is pasted, not the actual data.

In excel, you can get the week and month of a date using these formulas (may work in google sheets too). Assuming the date you want to get month and week from is in column A –
To convert date to start of week date
To convert date to start of month date


Just want to dig a little further on the Account ID and Balance ID columns.

What is their purpose?

I’m hoping to import nearly 15 years worth of balances. For the most recent history, they have accounts that line up with what Tiller is now automatically populating. For the ancient history, I have data for accounts that are long since closed.

I gather that for the old stuff I can leave these two columns blank. But for the more recent import, should I populate the Account ID and/or Balance ID into the imported rows?

The balance ID would only be necessary for any Tiller imported transactions or balances. If you are importing other history there would be no need to have anything in the balance columns,

As far as the account ID column some sheets that look at history do use that instead of account name, but you can copy paste this to the old account history as you import it since for each account there is only one single unique account ID. Just filter to that account in your old data and paste the Tiller imported account ID that matches that account into that column.

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