Net Worth Add-on not updating properly

One of the accounts in my Net Worth sheet is not updating. It shows the same value for the last four months. As expected, during this period there have been many updates/changes to the Balance History for this account. But none of these updates are shown in the last four months of the Net Worth sheet. I’ve tried deleting and relaunching the Net Worth sheet, but the problem remains.

Thanks for any advice.

are the updates/changes appearing in the balance history tab?

Yes, the updates/changes do appear in the balance history tab.

Additional info: The last four months (Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov) of the Net Worth sheet show the exact same value for the account in question. During this period multiple updates of differing values have appeared in the balance history tab for this account.

@lennyh, is your Balance History sheet sorted newest to oldest (Z to A) by the Date column?

Are you using Tiller Money Feeds add-on for your Net Worth Tracking sheet or the prior feed option (Feed Bot) sheet?

Heather, to answer your questions:

  1. The Balance History is sorted newest to oldest.
  2. I am using the Tiller Money Feeds add-on for Net Worth Tracking.

Here is some new information:
As of this morning, the Net Worth sheet is showing the proper value for Nov. 30. It is still showing incorrect and identical values for the three preceding dates, Oct 21, Sep 30, and Aug 31. The value shown for these three dates appears one time in the Balance History sheet on 10/20/20. There are multiple different additional entries in the Balance History after 10/20/20 for the account in question.


  1. Don’t understand why Nov 30 didn’t work before and works now, and
  2. Don’t know why the three preceding dates all contain the same incorrect values, especially considering that appropriate values do appear in the Balance History.

Kindly advise.

As of this morning, the Net Worth sheet is now showing four identical consecutive incorrect values for the account under discussion (Remember yesterday the sheet was correct for the Nov 30 slot.). The value shown in Net Worth appears in the Balance History just one time, 10/20/20. As indicated yesterday, multiple later instances of this account appear in the Balance History at dates later that 10/20. So the operation of the Net Worth sheet continues to be strangely erratic.

Just to be clear: The Net Worth values for Oct 31, Sep 30, and Aug 31 currently contain the same value that currently correctly appears for Nov 30. This in spite of the fact that multiple entries appear in the Balance History for Oct, Sep and Aug dates.

Add the NW Snapshot template and see if you have the same problems there. Have you messed with the hidden columns on the right side of the NW template? Any way you can send pictures of what the Balance History tab looks like for this account?

Blake, the value is correct in the NW Snapshot Template. The value is also correct in the Balances tab and the Balance History tab of the Foundation Template.

But here is a new wrinkle: This afternoon the value was correct in the Nov 30 column of the Net Worth sheet. This morning the value was incorrect in the Nov 30 column. I have no explanation.
Also, the values in the Aug, Sep, and Oct columns of the NW sheet continue as before – incorrect and identical, just as they have been for a while now. The values in the NW Snapshot for the Aug, Sep, and Oct dates are correct.

I can’t answer with absolute certainty, butt I don’t have any recollection of messing with hidden columns on the right side of the NW sheet.

Problem Solved: Somehow or other (almost certainly user error), a Balance History row containing incorrect date information was hidden. After I unhid and then removed the offending row, all is good. Blake’s comment about hidden columns led me to think about possibly hidden rows, and that triggered the fix. So thanks to Blake and other respondents for helping to uncover and fix this error.

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Ah so glad to hear you figured this out @lennyh! I was starting to feel perplexed too :thinking: