Net Worth carrying same account balances month-to-month

Hello, I have been using tiller for about a year now and just recently started experiencing some issues with the net worth template. The issue is that the balances seem to carry over month to month. The balances of some accounts has definitely changed and if I look at the net worth snapshot they match what I expect the numbers to be. They didn’t do this until the beginning of this year. Last year I didn’t have any issues.

I tried removing the template and re-adding it to see if that would resolve it. Can anyone help with this?

Hi @KnightNight:

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If I understand your question, you’re asking about the balances of some of your Net Worth elements not changing over time? Is that correct?

The Net Worth template is driven by the data that is routinely refreshed in the Balance History sheet, and I suspect there is a problem there. Are you seeing recent balance entries there from all linked accounts?

Here is a comprehensive post about fixing the Balance History sheet that may help.

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Thanks for the welcome @Brad.warren!

To answer your question. It seems that the balance will keep up with the current month, but then when it is a new month it gets reset to what the previous account balance was. It doesn’t seem like all accounts do this, but certainly a noticable number.

I will take a look at the balance history repair. Thank you!