Net Worth Not Changing Over time for Manually Added Backfill?

Hi folks,
I’m brand new to Tiller, and am loving it so far. One of the things I’m most excited about is being able to migrate away from a manually-updated solution to a somewhat more manual one.

One issue I’ve run into is with the Net Worth Report. I’ve been manually updating Account Balances in a separate spreadsheet for the last few years, and wanted to do a 1-time backfill to Tiller. To do that, I have added those to the Account Balances Tab in Tiller (making sure to use the correct Tiller Account ID, Balance ID, etc.).

However, when I go back to the Net Worth tab in my Sheet, while I can see some data going back in time, many accounts stayed the same, up until the most recent Automatic Import, despite having monthly balances manually added.

Here is a preview from my Net Worth Tab:

So, I can see that my checking account balance from July 2021 is pulling in ($22,686.05), but subsequent months aren’t.

Did I do something incorrectly on the Account Balances tab?

Also, here is a preview from my Account Balances tab for some of those same accounts:

And here is a preview form my Account Balances Tab.:

Ah, I think I figured it out.

When doing the manual backfill of old data, I used the same Balance ID for each Monthly Balance for a given account. By clearing out that column, I now seem to be seeing correct data.

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