Balances unchanged from Jan-April of 2022

Several account balances in my net worth are reflecting the same amount for Jan - Apr of this year. Some are auto updated and a some are manual. It’s not every account. My checking account balance is showing properly but several investment, retirement, and credit card accounts are showing the same balance for each month. I created a new template and it looks good over there for the connected accounts (I haven’t added back in the manual accounts) but when i copy that sheet over to my current file, i have the same issue.

This is still happening. I’ve restored the sheet and the issue persists. Since the new template seems to be working, i don’t think the issue is on the Net Worth Sheet. Any ideas? I don’t really want to start over with a new template.

@ameet.sampat it sounds like it’s that version of the Net Worth sheet that you’re using.

Have you tried restoring the Net Worth sheet in your original spreadsheet using the Tiller Community Solutions add-on?

Yes, i’ve tried restoring multiple times and tried again today. Same issue. My brokerage accounts, where the balance changes daily, are showing the same balance up until the most recent month. it’s not happening on every account as you can see from the screenshot below. But it is also happening on asset accounts that I update manually every month like my home value.

Can you double check the Balance History sheet and make sure there is a different balance for those accounts for those months?

If there is no balance record in Balance History for those months it may just be using the last balance entry it can find.

Balance History is hidden by default. You can access from the View menu > Hidden sheets

So balance history is missing quite a bit of data which doesn’t make sense. Below is a screenshot of a brokerage account that was updating daily and still should be. The balance changes daily but there are huge gaps in the dates. It suddenly stopped on 1/15 and then there was one update on 9/1 but none since. Prior to 1/15, it was updating daily.

I validated the same on the below credit card account…

Should I restore the Balance History sheet? Have I lost all of that history?

Thanks for your help on this Heather

Hi @ameet.sampat,

It’s likely if there are gaps in the Balance History sheet for those accounts you won’t be able to recover that data.

In order to have a balance every day for an account you have to make sure the account refreshes every day.

Some accounts do this automatically about once every 36 hours (which means you could still have a specific date where a balance isn’t pulled). Other accounts don’t automatically refresh and you need to go to the Tiller Console ( and refresh the account.

Lastly, if there is an outage or other disconnection/error and you can’t refresh the account we wouldn’t pull balances for the account. Balance entries are different than transactions.

Balances are a snapshot in time of the balance on that day when we refreshed the account. The site generally doesn’t have an easily accessibly balance history table like it does transactions.

The best recommendation here is to review your statements and manually add entries by inserting rows into the Balance History sheet for those accounts for those missing months.

i’ll have to take a look but it doesn’t really make sense. My balances page is updated automatically with handful of manual accounts that update at the end of the month. Occasionally i have a couple of accounts that require intervention to update but those aren’t the ones impacted. Also, the balance history tab has balances for these accounts throughout the year. It just seems like that Net Worth page isn’t updating. I’ll play around but something isn’t right.

@ameet.sampat I was referencing this comment from you:

I’d recommend reviewing all the accounts in your Balance History sheet to see if there are gaps for the ones that are missing data points on the Net Worth sheet. That will help you rule out whether it is a data issue (the data is not in Balance History, which flows into Net Worth) or an issue with the Net Worth sheet.

okay… i had some time today and reviewed a few of the accounts below. As you can see the balance on the networth sheet doesn’t change that often. Examples would be the Amazon Store card and my 2 mortgage accounts. in the 2nd screenshot below, you can see there is ample balance history but it’s not flowing to the networth sheet…

What else should i check or am i missing something? These are just a couple of examples but others on the screenshot would include my Best Buy Card which did not have the same balance every month of they year. In fact, it was 0 for most of the year. And there are several examples that are not on the screenshot.

Sorry for the delay picking this back up @ameet.sampat - can you share what the time period is that’s configured for the Net Worth sheet? I need to be able to correlate the dates you’re viewing on the Net Worth sheet with the data from the Balance History sheet.

It looks like the Net Worth amount for 1st Mortgage changed on 12/2, which should be reflected in the Net Worth sheet if it’s set to show those two months or time period between those two months.