Net Worth is always zero $0.00 in Net Worth sheet

I have a question about the Net Worth template from Tiller Community Solutions. My networth shows $0 – every month, on the net worth sheet.

This used to work, where I would see a net worth that made sense.

I have restored the Net Worth Community solutions multiple times, to no avail.

Also, a Net Worth Snapshot shows no accounts. The Balances page shows a full net worth picture. However, snapshot and the “Net Worth” sheets are both empty.

Any ideas?

thank you@

Hi @jmurray - I would recommend double check the date configuration settings on the Net Worth and snapshot sheets. Sometimes when you restore it reverts to an old date range.

If the Balances sheet is showing all your accounts and accurate balances/net worth that tells me the Accounts sheets and Balance History sheets are working as you’d expect.

Are you seeing $0 for ALL accounts for ALL months or is it a specific account/month?

If it’s a specific account/month double check the Balance History sheet that there is data for that account in that month.