Net Worth Tracker (Excel) shows $0.00


I’m new to the Tiller. I recently added the Net Worth Tracker (Excel) to my foundational worksheet. After following the instructions to link the worksheet to my foundational workbook, the Net Worth Tracker sheet showed all of my accounts (assets & liabilities) but the value was $0 for all the accounts. I understand that there would be no data for prior months but I did expect values for the current month. The Balances worksheet shows all the values correctly.

In the Net Worth Tracker sheet, I unhid rows N thru AR. All my accounts show and the last account balance (column AD) shows accurate values but there are no other values in these cells.

There was a similar post related to the Google Sheets version and the issue seemed to be columns added in the Accounts sheet. I have not added columns to any sheet other than the Transactions sheet so this doesn’t seem to be the issue.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance for the help!

Can you confirm what dates/months/years are selected at the top of the Net Worth sheet in your workbook?

Hello Heather,
Here is the information you requested:
cell A12: “This Year”
Cells B12:M12: Jan 2024 thru Dec 2024.

Are you sure there are Balance History (worksheet may need to be unhidden) entries for those accounts within that timeframe (Jan 2024 thru Dec 2024), @BL1996? Can you peek at the hidden area to the right of the Accounts sheet and see if the balances are populating for these accounts?

Hello Randy,
I unhid the “Balance History” worksheet. Since I started my Tiller account in March, the history only goes back to 3/9/2024 but, yes, there are values in the “Balances” column (column H) for all accounts. The balances are almost daily for all accounts. That said, the “Account St” (column M) is empty for everything. Not sure if this is an issue or not.