Net Worth Snapshot template question

I have a question about the Net Worth Snapshot template from Tiller Community Solutions. Where does it get the prior balances? I’m trying to compare to balances from a year ago and the amounts are $0. I’m new at this and have imported information from my bank.

This may be too obvious to mention but did you import all the info back a year? Tiller only imports 90 days, so you’d need to import via CSV to get the rest of the year so that you can see it in your Net Worth. You should be able to see/compare from 90 days ago.


Yes, I imported two years of transactions from my bank. The transaction imported just fine. I don’t understand where the Net Worth Snapshot would get the data from 12 months ago. All the amounts show zero for anything other than the current 90 days.

Ok, I just dug into it further and think I’ve found what’s causing the problem. In the hidden columns of the net worth tab (AG12) it calls for data from the balance history tab. Is your balance history older than 90 days?

Yea m, it’s from 12 months ago.

Ok. Now I’m just stumped. Sorry.

@randy, can you help?

To me, it looks like the older balances are pulled in the formulas in AC7:AC.

It looks like it is querying the range in AG12 with a query that looks something like this for each account:

SELECT H WHERE F = '5c51b3a49fc877001b43737F' AND B <= date '2021-07-03' ORDER BY B DESC,C DESC LIMIT 1

The column letters should match your sheet based on the column lookups in column AG and the lookup is based primarily on the Account Id.

Hope this helps.

It is just occurring to me, @kristiejo, that maybe you don’t have Account Id populated in your Balance History sheet going back all the way. Is that correct?