Net Worth Snapshot and Net Worth Not Displaying any Data

Hi All,
When I go to the Net Worth Tab, and Net Worth Snapshot Tab, it doesn’t have any info to display. I have transaction data loaded and Categorized from March 2021. I first started with Tiller about 3 weeks ago, so I’m not sure if the length of time is part of the issue. This is what I see:

I’m noticing in Configuration that your Group or Type selection is “#N/A”, so something isn’t right there. Looks like that option relies on references in column AG of that sheet. Check if you can see those, if not, you may need to ‘Restore Sheet’ in the Manage Solutions.

Ah thank you, I couldn’t find the cell that was referencing the accounts tab. you got it! That was the problem, I had added a column in the accounts tab, which now I’m realizing was probably a bad idea. Going to go remove that column in case other labs solutions use the accounts tab for reference.

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