Net worth and Net worth Snapshot not displaying data

I recently re-installed these 2 net worth templates and no data is calculating or being displayed. I refreshed by accounts and balances templates to be sure i had clean versions. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thank you.

A few thoughts, @jeff1

  1. Do you have an Accounts sheet installed?
  2. Do the dropdowns in column A of the Accounts sheet show accounts?
  3. If you unhide the right side of the Accounts sheet, can you see that it pulling in accounts from the Balance History sheet?
  4. If you unhide the right side of the Net worth and Net worth Snapshot sheets, can you see if they are filling with data or have errors?

1 Yes
2 NO - they all have red error triangles and show “Invalid: input must fall within a specific range”
3 yes accounts appear to be pulling
4 NO data being filled but I dont see any errors either

Thank you for helping me figure this out. I assume there is some issue with my accounts sheet?

If the account dropdowns in column A don’t have valid accounts, it sounds like your Accounts sheet is broken?

If you don’t have any configurations or overrides in your Accounts sheet, it should be relatively easy to replace it. I’d delete the Net Worth sheet and the Accounts sheet then install the Net Worth Sheet. It should install a new Accounts sheet as it is a dependency.

Hopefully this will fix the problem.

Be aware that any other solutions (like Balances or Net Worth Snapshot) will also need to be restored as deleting the Accounts sheet will break them.

Thanks. Worked!! Thank you.