Flexibility in choosing which accounts feed transactions

For net worth tracking I need to track balances from all linked accounts. However, I do not need transaction detail from all those accounts. For example, I don’t need to download transactions from IRA and 401(k) accounts. In fact, I don’t want the transaction detail from those accounts. It clutters up my “transactions” sheet and will lead to an excess of data in my worksheet. Could you create an option to connect my sheet to Money Feeds only for balances for certain specified accounts?


While waiting on any possible enhancements from Tiller per your request, please consider the following:

  1. You can easily delete any transaction data that you do not want. Just sort by account and then delete the activity for those accounts where you do not want transaction data.

  2. You might consider coding those unwanted transactions to a transfer category (so as not to affect your P&L) instead of deleting them in case you change your mind in the future.

  3. Depending on the type of investments, number of investments, and activity in those retirement accounts, the balances will create much more data than the transactions ever will. For each account, you will get one balance per day, probably more. That is at least 365 rows per year, per account. I doubt you will even come close to that regarding the number of transactions per year, per account.

  4. If you are worried about excess data in your sheet, there are other strategies to deal with that. I do not minimize your concerns regarding this issue, as it is a big concern of mine too. I have 40 linked accounts across 5 separate sheets. My largest sheet is 19% on the size my sheet tool, 340 categories, 7,000 rows in the Transactions sheet, 5,000 rows (was 30,000 rows before recent clean up) in the Balance History sheet, and 30 tabs across the bottom. And, for now, I am surviving.

  5. One strategy to deal with excess data is located at tiller labs/ view solutions/ tools/ utilities/ trim balance history. Please exercise caution when using this tool.





Thank you for the detailed response. Your points are all very helpful. I have begun coding these transactions to a category that remains hidden, so that helps. I think the enhancement I proposed would be useful but I can definitely get by without it.

I have read about the trim balance history tool. Makes me a little nervous…

Thanks @azirish88! Great input here and would make a great feature request, if there isn’t one already.