Best practice for old accounts

For a lot of reasons, some even valid, I have abandoned a handful of accounts. Some I’ve even closed. They each have transactions in them that I’d like to see in my comparison views - networth last Feb vs. today, for instance. BUT I no longer need to get the feed or see the 0 balances.

Right now, I have them all piling up on my accounts tab with the no longer used ones marked ‘hide’. But, this, of course, does not do much for my comparisons.

Anyway to have my cake and eat it, too, accounts wise?


@susandennis, you can remove the link to those accounts so they stop feeding the $0 balance.

You can also do this from the Tiller Money Feeds add-on under the “Linked Accounts” section. This won’t remove any of the existing data, but it will stop feeding new $0 balance data.

Hopefully that helps.


Yes, Heather, I’m sorry my question wasn’t more clear. I get how to link and unlink.

BUT, when I unlink accounts, the reporting of those transactions goes missing in many key sheets. For Instance. If I unlink accounts, then my Net Worth Snapshot - comparing January 1 to today - is not even close to accurate since it shows nothing for the now unlinked accounts (which had significant totals last January 1).

So straight up unlinking won’t work for my purposes.

I want to still see the history of the accounts in things like Net Worth Snapshots BUT not see $0 in the Balance tab. Any suggestions?

I’ve had to do this and I got it to work. The net worth sheet uses the balance history sheet to get the balance each month. When you unlink, you won’t have balances in your balance history to feed into the net worth sheet.

I made another sheet with 1 row for each account in my balance sheet.

Then, I update the balance, date, week, and month columns for an account I want a balance in my balance history for.

Copy and paste that balance into your balance sheet and your networth sheet will use those.

For some accounts, I’ll do this 12 times to cover a years worth of balances and just add them to my balance sheet each month.

It’s a lot less complicated than it might seem so if you would like more instructions, I can send better ones with images.

This is brilliant! Perfect. Let me see if I can noodle it out from your details here. If I hit a snag, I’ll hit you up for more info. Thank you so much for this! Finally, I can clean my Tiller up.

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Where you able to implement a fix for this? If not, I can share some specific formulas I use to make this as simple as possible.

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aren’t you kind to follow up! i actually started the implementation and then decided i really didn’t need to unlink them at least not yet.

so I just made up my own system. i just renamed them all with zdead in front so they fall to the bottom and then created a new account group called zdead and just let them lie there. i’ll unlink when i created my 2021 sheet.

@nwest88, would love if you share anyway :wink: Show & Tell is a good spot for stuff like this.