Bank Account Balances in Custom Sheet

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I’m new to Tiller but loving the ability to connect my financial data to Google Sheet. I’m planning on building a Glide App complete with alerts, etc.

I’ve connected a custom Google Sheet to Tiller and I see that the Balance History tab has been added. However, I’d like to have a Sheet that shows the current balance of each account (in addition to the history of balances). I see that this is done in the Tiller Foundation Template under the “Balances” tab.

Do anyone know if there is a way to copy the Balances sheet (or duplicate the functionality) from the Foundation Template to this custom Sheet I have already connected to Tiller and get the balances to calculate there?



You can definitely do this, @chasebowers. Just load the Tiller Labs add-on, click Add Solutions, then find the Balances template and install it.

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Oh, one more thing, @chasebowers

So we can better inform new Tiller users about all the tools that are part of the product, would you be willing to share:

  1. How long ago you created your Tiller account?
  2. If this thread is the first you’ve heard of the Tiller Labs add-on?

Thanks and let me know if the instructions above work!

Thanks for the info! Will try that now.

  1. I created my Tiller account 8 days ago.
  2. I did see the Tiller Labs add-on mentioned somewhere but related to experimental features and didn’t think to check there for this.
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Thanks for the feedback, @chasebowers.
I hope you find what you’re looking for— and more!— in the Tiller Labs add-on.